Ecostak - ecological metal stakes


A revolutionary new concept for staking plants.

ECOSTAK is a new product designed to improve staking plants, to eliminate the need for costly chemical treatment and to make work easier for the planter with the most successful results.

We proudly present our new patented ECOSTAK metal stakes to the Mexican, American and European professional agricultural market.
ECOSTAK solves the problem of finding economical, reusable supports for all types of vegetables.
ECOSTAK is manufactured of highly resistant special metal tubing which is then covered with first quality plastic containing highest quality UV additive for stability. The external design has four ribs waved to allow the user to connect the ECOSTAK units guaranteeing proper support for the plants.
The top and bottom parts are solid plastic thermally welded by our patented process to the plastic coating effectively producing a one piece welded unit.
The top part is grooved to support a heavy wire joining the stakes together continuously.
No chemical treatment of any kind is needed so there is no contamination of the soil when ECOSTAK is used.
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Ecostak installed for tomatoes plants

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  • Hygienic-cannot be attacked by insects, vermin, fungus or mold.
  • No chemical treatment is need for ECOSTAK units.
  • Light yet extremely sturdy-easily transported and reusable.
  • Identification available to deter pilferage.
  • Designed to hold wire in place without slipping and grooved to support heavy weight wire.
  • Special top and bottom to ease insertion into the earth.
  • Various lengths and thickness available for each need.
  • All plastic sealed to the steel for long life (patented).

Standard dimensions:

Top tip

External surface

Bottom tip

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